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Multi vs Omni Channel eMarketing

EContent  an Information Today online publication had this interesting  article on March 2nd.  The article might be helpful to reference in the development of a “Social Media” as well as a Customer Experience strategies.

Here are some highlights to pique your interest:

“Multichannel is very much a kind of corporate, or brand, view of the world based on the various channels or touchpoints they’re focused on in engaging their customers,” he says. These might include social media, email, a website, and other traditional means of marketing. The difference, he says, is that while multichannel tends to be based on an inside-out approach, omnichannel is more outside in, a consideration of the customer experience from his perspective. “It’s how a customer would see the world,” he says, “including what they would do, potentially, in the brick-and-mortar space if there is a physical store, how they would engage with a call center, etc.-it brings all of these together; it’s really about connecting the dots.”

The concept, …. is really about “understanding how to eliminate effort from the customer experience.”

Omnichannel, …. involves “using data to understand where effort exists in the customer experience and how to remove-rather than add-effort.”

“It’s really trying to bring that integrated view of what a customer experience is with that particular company’s brand-all the way from how do we speak to them to get them interested in the product or service through how do we bring them to buy something and what was their delivery experience and post-purchase experience.