Pattern Recognition

As part of the last Innovations Committee meeting, we took a quick look at a video taken by Jason Griffey from the 2015 Consumers Electronic Show (CES) which is held each January in Las Vegas.  Jason is a librarian and “technologist” who is perhaps best known as the creator of the Library Box project. I mentioned at the meeting that I would post the video that we looked at here on the blog. However after taking another look at Jason’s posts from CES, I decided that I would simply link to his page, where there are several videos from the show, including one dedicated to 3D printers. Speaking of 3D printing, we are looking forward to a future post here about a 3D printing collaborative venture that Crandall Library and LARAC  are planning; and one of the winning proposals of a SALS Technology Challenge Grant.  Perhaps we can entice the other Technology Grant winners to post some info on their projects as well! Certainly if you have an innovative idea that you would like to share with your colleagues on this space, please register and go for it!